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Frequently Asked Questions
Why shouldn't I use a handyman?

As we all know, saving money is the main reason for hiring a handyman.  The problem is with the perception that the homeowner is saving money and receiving the same service from a handyman or a licensed plumber.

The truth is it may cost you more in the long run.  Legitimate contractors stand behind their work.  Handymen may be a major liability to you and your family's health and safety for work that was completed in a shoddy way and against NC State Plumbing code.

The same holds true in hiring a home improvement store's contractor.  They may not be experienced or licensed to perform the work that they're being paid to do. 

What is a pressure-reducing valve (PRV)?

A PRV is installed to keep the pressure in your home at a regular level that is not harmful to the pipes in your home, usually about 50 psi.  It has been determined that pressures above 80 psi cause premature faucet wear and can lead to joint failure in a water piping system. 

Why do I need a thermal expansion tank for my hot water heater?

Thermal expansion tanks provide a safe place for expanded water to go.   Most water heaters are installed with back prevention devices that can create a closed system.   Pipes in your home may burst unless there is someplace for expanded water to go.

Do I need to get a permit to replace my hot water heater?

Yes, in order to ensure proper installation and compliance with required codes, a permit is required.

What is a tankless water heater?  Is it appropriate for my home?

A tankless water heater does not preheat and store water like a typical water heater does, rather it instantly heats water for use as needed and on demand, making them efficient sources for meeting hot water needs.   Roman can discuss with you whether one is appropriate for your home.



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