R&S Plumbing and Home Repairs, Inc.
Roman Kaukereit            (919) 337-2388    

"Great!  Roman was very professional and quick to get back to me when I called for an estimate.  Set it up immediately.  When I hired him, he was on time, efficient, cleaned up, called to follow-up and checked to see how it was going.  Very Good!!"   Jen P., Cary
"I called in the morning after discovering the hot water tank had broken.  Roman told me to shut off the water to limit damage.  He had a job in the morning and said he would get with me by lunch time.  He was at my home by noon time.  He reviewed the sitution in my attic and went and picked up the new system along with a new piece of equipment needed by law (code) in the town of Cary.  Installed new system and took away old.  Very happy with service especially since it was emergency and first time using R&S Plumbing."   Art B., Cary
John Mac., Cary
"Several neighbors in our development experienced severe water damage when their hot water heaters failed.  Our heater had signs of impending failure similar to what our neighbors had described.  We decided that we wanted to get the heater our of the attic and get the more efficient Rinnai tankless heater at the same time.  We asked a large, well regarded plumbing company for a quote.  A friend heard of our intentions and recommended that we try R&S Plumbing owned and run by a one man band name Roman Kaukereit.  Roman showed up the same day we called and quoted a far lower price for the same job.  His is a small company with low overhead but because he was so prompt, knowledgeable and engaging coupled with our friend's  high recommendation; we decided to go with Roman.  We are fully satisfied with our experience and have successfully recommended R&S Plumbing to others.  We were especially pleased with Roman's work ethic, his directness, his professionalism and his enthusiasm.  He's good."
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